Agile Project Management Tools and Software

As Agile is one of the most popular and in best software development methodology these days, we are sure that this list will be very helpful for you to decide, choose and learn about the agile project management tools that can be used in your project.

Let’s examine the best Agile Project Management Tools and Software list.

1 – Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA Project management tools, is one of the best project management tools used by Agile teams.Atlassian JIRA Project management tools, iIdeal for most offices. Mainly- IT professionals, institutional designers, working in a shared environment.

Atlassian JIRA Features:

Atlassian JIRA Project management tools, customizable Scrum Boards that can make to fit according to your team’s workflow. These scrum boards are used to visualize all the work in a sprint. Any backlog moves automatically to the newsprint.

  • Flexible Kanban boards for continuously delivering maximum output at minimum effort.
  • Out of the box agile reporting that shows the real-time image of the sprint with the help of burnout chart, sprint report, a cumulative flow diagram, velocity chart, epic report, release burn down, etc.
  • Custom filters using JIRA Query Language (JQL).
  • Developer tool integrations.
  • 1000+ add-ons.
  • Rich APIs.
  • On the go mobile apps that ensure an uninterrupted flow of work.
  • Customizable workflows.


  • It is highly extensible and extremely customizable as per your project needs.
  • It is a mature and proven product used by thousands of big companies around the globe. So, it has a large and active community.
  • A lot of out of the box features bring in long-term benefits to the project.
  • Very helpful for start-ups as it is cheap for small teams.


  • It is hard to setup and takes a long time to learn using it properly.
  • Many core features are available only as paid add-ons.
  • Too many features make it complex to use for some teams at times.

Price Details:

  • Cloud: $10 per month for up to 10 users for small teams and $75 per month for up to 15 users for growing teams.
  • Self-hosted: $10 as a one-time payment for 10 users on the server and $12,000 per year for 500 users on Datacenter.

Atlassian JIRA Websites.

2 – Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services project management tool, Ideal for the web and mobile developers.


  • Flexible Kanban boards
  • Unparalleled traceability through Backlogs
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Built-in scrum boards
  • Connect to code- all code changes get linked directly to tasks/bugs.
  • Offers continuous integration.
  • Git client support


  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, a complete & powerful agile project management tool. It has almost all the functionalities that are needed to support scrum team – Backlog management, capacity management, Kanban, scrum boards, etc.
  • Build, test and release steps can be set up quickly.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, easy to use and graphically appealing.


  • Free for up to 5 users (with basic features)
  • $30/month for 10 users

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Website

3 – Agilo for Scrum

Agilo for Scrum Project management tool, ideal for teams that require powerful communication.


    • Agilo for Scrum Project management tool, offers real-time intuitive workflow for Agile projects.
    • Organizes the product backlog efficiently with features like user stories, higher level themes, prioritization, and overview on product ongoing process.
    • Supports sprint panning 1 & 2.
    • Estimate your sprint.
    • Real-time scrum board


  • Ideal for distributed teams
  • Well priced
  • Great communication system


  • Agilo for Scrum Project management tool, no mobile app
  • Cannot host more than one project


€ 10/month for single teams and € 20 per month for multiple teams.

Agilo for Scrum Website

4- Active Collab

Active Collab Project management tool, his is yet another powerful agile project management tool.

Active Collab Project management tool, ideal for small businesses.


  • Task management: Active Collab Project management tool, All the work is at one place. We can track all the updates by looking at the dashboard.
  • Task filtering: Immediately searches what you want.
  • Seamless workflow
  • Adapts to your workflow
  • Email integration
  • Great team collaboration with the features like All-in-one calendar, @mentions, and collaborative writing.
  • Time tracking: Log time on projects, the timer app, time tracking reports.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • A reliable tool with a lovely interface.
  • Rich features with moderate price.
  • Cons:

Pricing Details:

  • Cloud: $25/month for 5 members with 5GB space and $299/month for any number of members with 500 GB space.
  • Self-Hosted: $999 a one-time payment.

Active Collab Website 

5 – Pivotal tracker

Pivotal tracker project management tool, Ideal for the web and mobile developers.


  • Pivotal tracker project management tool, helps in develop and keeping track of all the stories from start to deliver.
  • Several point scales for estimation & prioritization.
  • Automatic planning based on velocity.
  • Multi-project workspaces where all responsibilities are seen on one screen.
  • Analytical representation of team health through project trends, burnup, cumulative flow, feat, cycle time report, released reports, etc.
  • Pivotal tracker project management tool, other features: Notifications, Mentions & following, Search, file sharing, labels, tasks, API, story linking, project history.


  • User-friendly.
  • Also available on iPad.
  • Offers a lot of integration options to extend the functionality.
  • All the main things can be tracked on a single page view.


  • Pivotal tracker project management tool, somewhat expensive
  • Difficult to maintain dashboard for a large team.


  • Pivotal tracker project management tool, free for team size up to 3.
  • Free for public projects, educators & non-profits.
  • Startup: $12.50/month for 5 collaborators & $29.10/month for 10 collaborators.
  • Pro: $62.50/month for 15 collaborators, $125.00/month for 25 collaborators & $250.00/month for 50 collaborators

Pivotal Tracker Website

6 – Versionone

Versionone project management tool, Ideal for IT professionals & tech-savvy designers.


  • Versionone project management tool, supports methodologies like scaled agile framework, Kanban, DAD, LeSS, Hybrid approach.
  • End to end visibility
  • Versionone project management tool, connects with software development ecosystem
  • Management insight
  • Team simplicity
  • Customizations
  • User story management
  • Release and sprint planning
  • Storyboard, task board and test board
  • Acceptance test tracking
  • Burndown and velocity reporting


  • Versionone project management tool, easy to use
  • Great integration systems
  • Suitable for remote teams


  • Too many features.
  • Versionone project management toolt, the free version is very limited.


  • Free for 1 project & 1 team
  • $29 per user per month and Up to $175 a month based on number of users and features

VersionOne Website

7 – Icescrum

Icescrum project management tool, Ideal for Open source project.


  • Scrum pillars to plan, collaborate and deliver better – Item breakdown, Reports & metrics, Product backlogs.
  • Agile – Roadmap, releases & sprints, defect stories, acceptance tests.
  • Integration with tools like JIRA, Jenkins, Redmine, Mantis, Trac makes it support version controlling, bug tracking, continuous integration, IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Extensibility – Custom Exports, Web services API, Embeddable HTML widget.
  • Collaboration through virtual task board, sandbox, slack integration, instant messaging.
  • Simple administration.
  • Management- advanced search, team availability, project bundle.
  • Icescrum project management tool, eaxtra features in Pro version – Icebox, cloud storage, create items from emails, feedback.


  • Responsive User Interface
  • Good charts
  • Good sprint & release support.
  • Drag & drop for estimation.


  • Usability problems
  • No mobile app.


  • Startup (1 team, no Pro features): 800€
  • Enterprise (unlimited teams, Pro features): 2000€
  • Life (unlimited teams, Pro features, never expires, source code included): 12000€

Visit Icescrum website

8 – Gravity

Gravity project management tool, ideal for teams that require powerful communication

  • Clean and simple interface
  • True visibility through user stories.
  • Intuitive bug tracking
  • Powerful labels
  • Gravity project management tool, reports – burndown charts, cumulative flow, project cost, etc.
  • Email Notifications
  • Integration with google apps
  • Seamless code review.


  • Easy drag and drop editing.
  • Gravity project management tool, no need to register – sign in through yours google or yahoo account.


  • Free for public and open source projects.
  • Developer Edition: $7/month
  • Team Edition: $9 per user/month
  • Business Edition: $21 per user/month

 Gravity Website 

9- SprintGround

SprintGround project management tool, ideal for teams that require powerful communication.


  • SprintGround project management tool, task management: you can prioritize, categorize, order, filter and search tasks.
  • Issue and bug tracking
  • Time tracking and automatic estimates
  • Development progress tracking
  • Does collaboration among team & tasks in real time.
  • Organizes ideas, suggestions, questions and feedbacks.
  • Clear visual overview of the things happening in the project.
  • Supports both scrum & Kanban.


  • Excels in task management
  • SprintGround project management tool, great for software development projects.


  • No Gantt charts
  • Limited file storage regardless of plan.


  • Free up to 3 users, 2 projects with 50 MB storage.
  • Starter: 8 users, unlimited projects, 1GB file storage – €24/month.
  • Business: 20 users, unlimited projects, 2GB file storage – €59/month.
  • Business: 21+ users, unlimited projects, 5GB file storage – €5/user/month.

SprintGround Website

10 – Taiga

Taiga project management tool, Ideal for content developers from various verticals.


  • Taiga project management tool, open source
  • Issue tracking
  • You can make video calls to team members
  • Supports Scrum and Kanban
  • Multiplatform importers
  • Epics multi-project


  • Simple to use.
  • Easy customization.
  • Elegant & beautiful.


  • Taiga project management tool, free for public projects
  • Free up to 4 users per private project
  • Paid version starts from $19/month/private project for up to 25 members.

 Taiga Website

11 – SpiraTeam by Inflectra

SpiraTeam Project management tool,is a complete agile software development management system that manages your project’s requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and bugs/issues. Designed specifically to support agile methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM and Agile Unified Process (AUP) it allows teams to manage all their information in one environment.

SpiraTeam Project management tool, each project has a dashboard home-page that summarizes all of the information regarding the project into a comprehensive, easily digestible form that provides a “one-stop-shop” for people interested in understanding the overall status of the project at a glance.

SpiraTeam Project management tool, It contains summary-level information for all types of artifact (requirements, test cases, incidents, etc.) that you can use to drill-down into the appropriate section of the application.

SpiraTeam Website

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