Agile Project Management Tools List – Open Source

In these open source and free project management tools, we look at project management tools that help support Scrum, Kanban and other agile methods.

Agile Project Management Tools List – Open Source

1- MyCollab

The MyCollab project management tool is a suite of three collaboration modules for small, medium and large sized businesses: project management, customer relationship management and document creation and editing software. MyCollab project management tool has two licensing options: commercial “final” executable in the cloud and open source “community version”, the version we’re interested in here.

The Community version does not have a cloud option because it does not use the query cache and is a bit slow, but it provides basic project management features such as tasks, problem management, activity streaming, road map view and a Kanban board for agile teams. It does not have a separate mobile application, but works on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix computers as well as mobile devices.

The MyCollab project management tool is available in the latest version 5.4.10 and source code GitHub. It is licensed under AGPLv3 and requires a Java runtime and MySQL stack to work. It can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOS.

2- Odoo

Odoo is more than a project management tool; is a complete, integrated business application package that includes accounting, human resources, website and ecommerce, inventory, production, sales management (CRM) and other tools.

The free and open-source community edition has limited features compared to paid corporate bulk. The project management tool includes a progress bar to view the project status, updated in the latest version of Odoo 11.0, and a Kanban-style task tracking view for agile teams to add animation. Project management software also includes Gantt graphics, tasks, problems, graphics, and more. Odoo has a successful community and provides user guides and other educational resources.

It is licensed under GPLv3 and requires Python and PostgreSQL. It can be downloaded as a Docker image for Windows, Linux and Red Hat Package Manager and as a source in GitHub.

3 – OpenProject

OpenProject project management tools is a powerful open source project management tool that attracts attention with its , ease of use, free and rich project management and team collaboration.

OpenProject project management tools modules support project planning, scheduling, roadmap and version planning, timely tracking, cost reporting, budgeting, bug tracking and agile and Scrum. Its agile properties, including the tracking of sprints priority and tasks by creating stories, are integrated with other modules in OpenProject.

OpenProject project management tools is licensed under GPLv3, and the source code can be used in GitHub. Its the latest version, 7.3.2. Downloadable for Linux;

4 – OrangeScrum

As you would expect from its name, the OrangeScrum project management tool specifically supports agile methodologies with a Scrum task panel and a Kanban style workflow view. It is designed for small businesses, freelancers, agencies and small and medium-sized businesses.

The open source version offers most of the features in the paid version of OrangeScrum project management tool , such as a mobile app, resource usage, and progress tracking. Other features, such as Gantt charts, time logs, billing, and customer management, can be used as paid add-ons, and include paid versions, a cloud option where the community version is not available.

OrangeScrum project management tool is licensed under GPLv3 and is based on CakePHP framework. Apache requires PHP 5.3 or higher and MySQL 4.1 or higher and runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Its the latest version, 1.6.1. can be used for downloading and the source code can be found in GitHub.

5 – ]project-open[

] project-open [is a dual-licensed enterprise project management tool, meaning that the kernel is open source and some additional features are available in commercially licensed modules. According to the comparison of the community and enterprise versions of the project, open source kernel offers many features for small – medium and big sized organizations.

] project-open [ project management tool Supports agile projects with Scrum and Kanban support, as well as classic Gantt / waterfall projects and mixed or mixed projects.

] project-open [ project management tool is GPL-licensed and the source code can be accessed via CVS. project-open [both installers for Linux and Windows, can also be used as a virtual device in the cloud image.

6 – Taiga

Taiga project management tool is an open source and free project management platform that focuses on Scrum and agile development, including a Kanban throne, missions, sprints, problems, epic and epic. Other features include ticket management, multi-project support, and third-party integrations.

Taiga project management tool offers a free mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices and provides importing tools that make it easy to switch from other popular project management applications.

Taiga project management tool is free for all open projects, without any restrictions on the number of projects or the number of users. There are a variety of paid plans for special projects under the “freemium” model, but the features of the software are the same, no matter what kind of plan you have.

Taiga project management tool is licensed under the GNU Affero GPLv3 and requires a heap containing Nginx, Python, and PostgreSQL. The latest version, 3.1.0 Perovskia atriplicifolia, is available at GitHub.

7 – Tuleap

Tuleap is an implementation life cycle management (ALM) platform that aims to manage projects for all types of teams (small, medium, large, waterfall, agile or mixed), but stands out for agile teams. It offers support especially for Scrum, Kanban, sprints, tasks, reports, continuous integration, backlogs and more.

Other features include problem tracking, document tracking and collaboration tools and integration with Git, SVN and Jenkins, all of which are an attractive choice for open source software development projects.

Tuleap is licensed under GPLv2. More information, including Docker and CentOS installations, can be found on the Start page. You can also downloading the latest version 9.14

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