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Best 19 Gantt Chart Software Free -2022-

Gantt charts are bar charts that exemplify the amount of work that needs to be done in certain chunks of time. Gantt charts , they are ultimately used to visually lay out a project schedule. If you have a clear due date for your project with milestones in between, which is common for construction, textiles, and inventory strategy, you presumably want to make use of these handy charts.
Gantt charts are more complex than they seem. In this post we have created the Best Gantt Chart Software Free list for you.

Best Gantt Chart Software Free List -2022 :

1 – Celoxis

Celoxis, is a great option for large, global companies. It offers its services in multiple languages Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish and has an impressive system for project portfolio management.

Celoxis offers products for various enterprise functions. This diversity doesn’t mean the products aren’t dynamic. The Gantt charts that form part of Celoxis’ project management software is easy to use which makes you work faster.

Celoxis’ charts are known to be the fastest in the industry no matter the size of your business. Up to 10 000 tasks can be supported at one time. You can even link tasks from different projects. Using the charts isn’t arduous because programmed keyboard shortcuts help you make quick additions or changes.

Price: $25 per user/month for web; $450 per user, one time for installed version

2 – Easy Projects

The Gantt chart software is so user friendly you can drag and drop items onto the timeline. The Easy Projects Gantt chart software is relevant to businesses in many ways. It allows you to see which employees are available to do the work.

Easy Projects is best suited for companies with tons of outside clients. The Gantt chart software offers unlimited guest accounts, so your clients can follow their projects’ progress through to completion. It is available in French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

The nicest thing about Easy Projects is that it’s so easy to use. As one reviewer noted, The software is suitable for ‘accidental project managers, meaning it does not use confusing industry jargon and is simple to learn to use, regardless of your project management experience.” Other user reviews confirm this sentiment — along with helpful customer service and overall functionality.

Easy Projects allows users to have both private and public calendars. Gantt charts are created with a simple drag-and-drop system, and project managers accidental or not can easily track and modify tasks, schedules, and dependencies.

Price: Starts at $121 per user/month for web (paid annually and scales down per person with team size); $189 per user/year for installed version.

3 – Team Gantt

TeamGantt gives you an overall view of your projects that encompasses everything that’s important: TeamGantt, Activities,Timelines, Team members’ workload and schedules, TeamGantt the software allows for: Files to be kept in one place, Communication between team members to happen via the software, Everything that matters for a project can be kept in one place. Even if team members work remotely they will have access to all they need.

TeamGantt is used by many enterprise companies that appreciate this company’s in depth knowledge and focus on the functions of a Gantt chart.

Pricing: Free for 1 project to $12.45/month for unlimited projects

4 – Workzone

Workzone integrates Gantt chart software into all of its project views. With Workzone, Quickly see the status of your projects with Gantt charts, Easily flip back to a list view when necessary. Know what’s on track and who’s responsible for what. Expanded dashboard reporting view also gives you a great look into the number of tasks assigned to each person, See workload reports, what’s left and what’s been done

Workzone is the solution good for most teams—less complicated than big tools like MS Project, but more powerful than the lightweight, starter ones.

Pricing: $24-$44 /user/month

5 – Ganttpro

Ganttpro is one of the best Gantt chart software products on the market. Why? Because it makes Gantt charts look easy. Ganttpro it’s simple thanks to drag and drop features. Despite its simplicity it can help you manage many complicated projects at one time.

Ganttpro, Split tasks and subtasks, Organize and schedule tasks, Dependencies between tasks can be managed, Manage available resources by simply viewing iformation on the online platform

Pricing: Essential: $15/month – Team: From $39/month – Enterprise: Ask for demo and quote

6 – ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre is unique because it offers open source software. The company’s vision is to make project management easier for anyone.

The various awards ProjectLibre has received is proof that free software can incorporate some of the best Gantt chart software in the world. The software is translated into many languages. Thanks to its user friendliness and versatility it can work for small and large businesses.

ProjectLibre, it’s compatible with different software and documents such as: Microsoft Project, Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Pricing: Free

7 – Project Insight

Project Insight, offers you comprehensive software to help your team function better together. Project Insight, part of the software’s features is Intelligent Scheduling which includes the Gantt charts feature.

Project Insight, the software is easy to use so you can quickly edit charts when needed. Project Insight software allows you to track how busy each department in your company is. Allocate tasks to people who have the capacity to handle it instead of overtasking some departments.

Pricing: Lite User $3/user/month – Power User $65/user/month

8 – Rational Plan

Rational Plan, has three focus areas. The company’s software helps users:

Rational Plan, Manage portfolios, Manage resources, Manage team collaboration, Gantt charts form part of how Rational Plan helps clients manage projects. Rational Plan, software multiple projects can be handled.

RationalPlan has incredibly strong Gantt chart features. It has users start off by making a work breakdown structure to create task lists for your team. The whole system is drag-and-drop, and the system automatically highlights tasks that are along the critical path.

Pricing: Cloud: Free – $94/month – On premise: Single – $57; Multi – $98; Server – Price available on request

9 – Wrike

Wrike, Gantt charts that are easy to use so anyone in a team can make adjustments. This means the charts can always be up to date.

Wrike,, you can use the Workload View to see responsibilities and performance. If you feel adjustments are necessary it can be done via the software and everyone on the network can see it. Wrike, minimizes the need for meetings and communication when schedules are tight.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 users – Packages for $9.80 to $34.60/user/month – Customized Enterprise package available on request – Free trials available for all.

10 – TeamHeadquarters

If you’re looking for Gantt chart software that also offers functionality for IT teams, look no further than TeamHeadquarters. This project management application is the intersection of help desk software, resource management software, and scheduling software.

TeamHeadquarters offers an all-in-one solution so that you don’t need to jump from app to app for each project. It also has a customer service portal, so customer tickets can be scheduled alongside internal tickets. As you update your Gantt chart, everyone stays informed.

TeamHeadquarters does offer basic project management features, but it pales as a full solution compared to project management-specific software. For example, it’s missing some reporting and budgeting features.

Price: $499 User, one time fee for on-premise license; $24 per user/month for on-premise subscription; starts from $28 per user/month for web

11 – Hansoft

Hansoft, is a Swedish company that offers various project management tools in its software. Companies love the software for two main reasons: Hansoft, the backlog feature where you can refine your tasks, you can view both long and short term planning.

Pricing: Free for teams of up to 9 members. Professional Edition: $28/user/month with many optional add ons.

12 – Smartsheet

Smartsheet, works for small and large teams. The focus is to give you one platform where all your information can be kept. Smartsheet, there are Gantt charts that can track your projects’ development and you can add planned & real expenses.

If your company works with partners it’s not necessary that they purchase the software. You can invite collaborators to view and edit certain sheets or participate in communication. Their access will be limited but it can make joint ventures function smoothly.

Pricing: From Individual $14 to Business $25. Customized packages also available.

13 – Tom’s Planner

Tom’s Planner, creators pride themselves in offering user friendly Gantt chart software. Instead of struggling with difficult input processes users can add information directly on the charts.

Tom’s Planner, , many activities in your business may be dependent on each other. Link these tasks so you can make adjustments to all of them by simply working on one of them. This is ideal for large projects where it’s difficult to keep track of all the detail. Tom’s Planner, different team members require unique information. Each team member can filter the Gantt charts to view exactly what he or she requires. When you need information for a report you can export a Gantt chart as an image.

Pricing: Personal package for free to Unlimited package $19.95/month.

14 – SmartDraw

SmartDraw, offers software to draw various diagrams and plans that businesses need. Their focus isn’t project management. SmartDraw,, you won’t get the best Gantt chart software on the market, but it may be worthwhile for companies who also use:

1 – Flowcharts
2 – Floor plans
3 – Organizational Charts
4 – Diagrams

SmartDraw, there’s also many different templates you can try out. This may be confusing for first time users.SmartDraw, experienced users will love the freedom of picking a type that fits their functioning.

Pricing: From $197 for Standard to $497 for Enterprise packages

15 – Merlin Project 4

Merlin Project 4, is ProjectWizards’ newest project management software package. This software is specifically for Mac so make sure your entire team can use it before purchasing it.

Merlin Project 4, the software is known to be user friendly while it can still offer many possibilities. You can customize it to your needs. Merlin Project 4, the software can be used on or offline. If you make changes while offline the software keeps track of them and updates the charts when you’re connected again.

Pricing: 30 day free demo available – $289 excluding tax – Upgrade from Merlin – Project 3 is free – Upgrade from Merlin Project 2: $159

16 – PROJECT in a Box

PROJECT in a box, software is developed by project managers. PROJECT in a box, their wide range of products helps managers cope with many business tasks.PROJECT in a box, it’s called Planner Software and it supports all the other features of PROJECT in a box. You can simply download this if the other features aren’t what you’re looking for.

PROJECT in a box, it allows for: Unlimited tasks, Summaries, Calculating percentage of work done, It’s easy to work with because you can use basic features such as copy, cut and paste.

Pricing: Community: Free – Personal Edition: £99 – Small Team: £999 – Enterprise: £5000 – Live Saas Edition: £300/month – Separate training and implementation costs apply

17 – Todo . vu, is project management software that combines CRM with tasks. It enables you to manage all your daily tasks from one platform., isn’t focused on Gantt charts the features are easy to use. This can be beneficial if you’re looking for something simple.

Pricing: Free version to Business for $9/user/month

18 – Omniplan

Omniplan, focuses on developing software for Apple products such as the Mac, iPad and iPhone. Omniplan, Gantt chart software is part of the company’s Mac and iOS products. The software is made to help you work faster by enabling practical shortcuts on your Apple keyboard.

Pricing: Standard and Pro packages available: – Mac: $149.99 to $299.99 – iOS: $74.99 to $149.98

19 – VisionFlow

VisionFlow, is modular software, meaning project managers and IT managers can choose its best modules.

VisionFlow, the final module, which contains its Gantt chart functionality, also offers full project management capabilities. From resource allocation to budgeting to time tracking to reports, VisionFlow offers a viable project management suite for any serious manager.

VisionFlow is available in English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, and Polish.

Price: Very flexible because it’s modular. The project management module costs $5.50 with a base price of $45 per user/month.

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