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Project Management Timeline are like a summarized Gantt Chart, with on the most important dates, events and achievement shown. The power in creating a timeline for your project is that you have more control over the data and can display only what you deem most important. It’s not so easy to filter your Gantt Chart in the same way. Check out these Best Project Management Timeline Tools that can help your project reports become more visual, and more effective.

Best Project Management Timeline Software List:

1 – TimeGlider

TimeGlider, if you’re looking for an interactive application you can grab the timeline and shift it from left to right or zoom in and out to get either a detailed view or just a basic overview of the timeline.

TimeGlider zoom in to 5 minutes or zoom out to see billions of years. TimeGlider, with a simple collaborative interface you can customize each event with a special icon, webpage, title and description for those who will be reviewing it. Although TimeGlider is web-based and it will be difficult to get some output to embed into a file, this is still a pretty cool tool.

Price: Free for students, $5/month it for enterprises.

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2 – RWT Timeline

RWT Timeline, is a windows application that let you create some great timelines that converted to PDFs your reports. RWT Timeline is also an Android and IOS application that you can simple use to develop timelines on the go. RWT Timeline with this app you can create events that are organized by time of day, or date – you can also create descriptions, add images, make it visually appealing to the eye.

Once the events are created you can simply email it off. RWT Timeline, your timeline events are not set in stone, you can always move around the events due to any changes in the project.

Price: There is a free trial version available

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3 – Office Timeline

Office Timeline,if you don’t have time to dabble with new software, Office Timeline uses PowerPoint to quickly create timelines. Office Timeline is a plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint and can produce beautiful Gantt charts and timelines effectively. Office Timeline, makes it simple to export your data into any office document for quality reports.

Office Timeline offers users the option to either create new timeline templates that is customized to the project or has a variety of pre-made templates for fast creation.

Office Timeline, the interface makes is easy to manage milestone which can be easily updated if you have a project that’s constantly being restructured. If you want to know how to make a timeline in Excel, check out step-by-step instructions from Office Timeline here.

Price: There is a free trial version available – for professionals $59/year

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4 – Smart Draw

Smart Draw, is exactly that allows its users to create professional diagrams, timelines, and charts and it does the drawing for you.Smart Draw, this software has 70 template designs and examples to help you get started. Not to mention that it also has this smart office integration feature where it can easily be integrate with Microsoft office. Smart Draw, you can send your timelines to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to make reporting and presentation easy in just one click.

With SmartDraw the timeline category let you visualize events in a chronological order. One thing about this is that it doesn’t give you a detailed view of your milestones or deadlines but you do have the option to link images or further information to an event.

Price: There is a free trial version available – Single User – $297 – (For 5+ Users from) Multiple Users $595

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5 – MyHistro

MyHistro, is a location focused timeline that allows you to create stories and manage events that occur in a specific location. MyHistro, once the timeline is developed you can export it to a Google Earth format or pdf file for reporting.

Price: There is a free trial version available

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6 – GraphicSchedule

GraphicSchedule, is a linear scheduling tool that allows project managers to generate their CPM schedules into a more appealing illustrative presentation.

Focused on merging a projects visual and tactical information together, GraphicSchedule makes it easy for you to integrate your project information into Excel to better create and visualize your linear activities and other CPM schedule data at a glance. GraphicSchedule, what about ever-changing scheduling? You can simply make those updates to your visual with this software.

Price: There is a free trial version available and the paid version is $75/month for individual.

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7 – Tiki-Toki

Tiki Toki, is unlike the rest. a web-based timeline creator that lets you develop 3D timelines with images and videos. Tiki Toki, you can colour code your events, easily share your timeline and collaborate with others. Although it’s easy to collaborate, embed and share your timeline online, you could probably take a screenshot to get some output for your report.

Price: There is a free trial version available – Teacher $125 a year – Bronze account $7.50 a month – Silver account
$25.00 a month

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8 – Lucidchart

Lucidchart, diagrams are a great way to spice up the way you present your data to your colleagues. Lucidchart provides customized diagrams that would make mapping out your project plan or team hierarchy simple. Lucidchart, you can also reduce the amount of emails or meetings with the online collaboration tool that provides sharing permissions, administrator accounts, auto-updates for published files and file security for your project data.

Lucidchart offers a variety of smart shapes that follow industry standards, free reusable templates for teams or individual and the benefit of SaaS so teams can work without issue on any web browser.

Price: There is a free trial version available and the paid version for a basic plan is $4.95/month.

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9 – SmartSheet

SmartSheet, a great way to make sure you’re going to be on the right track is to have a forecast of your plan and SmartSheet can help with that. SmartSheet, you can either customized their pre-formatted timelines in Excel to your project or manually create one based on what information you would like to report and track.

SmartSheet is integrated with Office Timeline and is another option/ add-on tool that allows you to create a more appealing illustration of your project plan.

Price: You can register for a 30-day free trial version that is available and a paid version is $14/month for individual.

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10 – Milestones Professional

Milestones Professional, this software was created to help you manage large project schedules by giving you the ability to organize, create timelines, track and report your findings in minutes. You can easily produce your Microsoft Project or Primavera schedule into a more visually appealing presentation when reporting your progress and can easily update your presentation with Milestones Professional with your schedules latest updates by simply clicking refresh.

Price: There is a free trial version available, with the option to purchase licenses.

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11 – Preceden

Preceden makes it easy to manage and organize your events in a simple way. Configure your programs better with these project management-oriented timelines and layer features. Preceden can even add color-coded events to highlight important dates. Preceden also allows you to zoom in to the last second or have a broad overview of the months.

Preceden can also control who viewed your timeline with privacy control, and if you want to share it, you can simply download it as a PDF or CSV file. Preceden states that it can support collaborative, interactive and future dates.

Price: Free trial version available and paid version $ 39.


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