Project Management Certification

What are the Components of Project Management?

In order for a project to successfully achieve the desired goals, the strategic managementthe process must be effective and proceed taking into account certain stages. Project management is the process by which various management areas are decoupled and formed. These areas are:

Integration Management: Includes the implementation of plans and related activities and techniques that will ensure coordinated work in project management.

Scope Management: Definition of the scope and determination of what the limits are is provided. It is the area where the methods for controlling the change in scope are applied.

Time Management: These are the methods that ensure that the project is completed within a certain time frame. Forecasting, probability calculations and timelines for how long this process will continue, and this is the area where their control is provided.

Cost Management: This is the process of implementing methods for planning, forecasting and auditing the budget, which will occur in the time from the approval of the project to its completion.

Quality Management: It is necessary to determine the methods that will meet the expectations and requirements for the project. These are the practices and techniques related to quality control with specific standards and planning measures related to this.

Human Resources Management: This is the area where activities related to the implementation of strategic planning elements and the necessary motivational tools that will enable the staff to work more effectively in relation to the project are carried out.

Communication Management: These are the processes related to the timely regulation, storage and distribution of project information. Planning and reporting on these processes are carried out.
Risk Management: It covers the processes based on the analysis and interpretation of risk elements that occur or have potential to occur in the project by determining them. Control methods are applied to minimize the risk.

Purchasing Management: It is the process of outsourcing the resources that will ensure the formation of the project and planning activities for it. Jul: The acquisition management is the process of outsourcing the resources that will ensure the formation of the project. It includes the contractual procedures to be made regarding these processes and the applications related to the decisions to be taken.

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