Project Management

What are the Project Management Steps

Project management is carried out by the project manager together with all the stakeholders of the project. You can think of the project manager as the conductor. The conductor may not know how to play the violin, cello or piano, but the important thing is not that he cannot play them, but that they are played in harmony. The project manager is also responsible for the correct distribution of the work to the stakeholders in the project and for the timely delivery of the project. For example, it is very important for the project manager to plan the workflow correctly in website design. After the design team prepares the designs, they forward them to the software team, the software team writes the codes for the reference of the designs and sends them to the testing team. In their flow, the whole process proceeds in a correct order. The project manager also designs this flow and controls the outputs.

1 – Envision İt:

Describe the problem you are trying to solve and the value of solving it. Talk to your internal or external target customers so that they fully understand the problem area. When creating a business rationale for your project, focus on what you want the client to do. Leave details on when to brainstorm solutions with your team.
Do not rush at this stage. Repeat your understanding of the problem area and possible solutions until you are sure that you are on the right track.

2 – Designing and planning

The demand should be analyzed by specialists and a solution design should be carried out. In solution design, there should be a workable definition of the desired product, process or problem solution.

A project plan should be created by evaluating the design made and the resources at hand. How to use which resources, time plan, points of interaction or integration should be determined. The Task Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project should be performed. The project time plan, resources to be used, risks and precautions, control methods and measurement criteria should be included in the project plan.

The design and project plan allows you to predict the likely cost of the project. A project budget can be prepared using a feasibility report and a project plan.

The final output of the design and planning stage is the product design or project plan.

3 – Execute it

A project team or teams should be created. Responsibilities, powers, rules of communication and supervision should be explained, tasks and resources should be distributed. The project team or teams should be informed about the purpose of the project, its resources, risks.

The necessary studies should be carried out to implement the project plan without interruption, to use the resources in accordance with the purpose, and to ensure that the targets to be achieved are capable of meeting the demand. In particular, careful monitoring of integration and coordination points should be ensured that integration and coordination occur without interruption. Seamless and secure communication as canonical.

Progress with the project plan should be constantly compared; project status reports should be prepared at certain times or periodically. In order for the project to be completed on time and in a way that meets the goals, the project team should be alerted, the necessary changes should be made to the project plan and project resources.

The concrete output of the operation phase can be project status reports, change, notification and risk records or the project logbook.

4 – Monitoring and Control

Control and measurement studies should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of demand, design and plan. The dec between the project time plan and the progress status is a project performance measurement. Compliance with the targets and quality are another performance measurement.

Projects that go ahead of the targets should be reviewed for possible excess resource consumption, while projects that fall short of the targets should be reviewed for poor management or lack of resources. The project management and the project team should be informed about the resulting performance.

It should be tested to what extent the project has achieved the product, process or problem solution it is aiming for. Compliance with quality conditions should be ensured in project management, project work and products. The tests and controls should be carried out at the points determined in the project plan and the measurement criteria determined in the plan should be applied.

The concrete output of the monitoring and control phase can be test result reports, audit reports or project update records.

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